Graphic Facilitation – you can do this too!

Have you ever watched a graphic facilitation video? I always find them mesmerising. There’s a great skill in being able to visual problem-solving in this way – and it takes practice.

Graphic facilitation is the process of translating complex concepts into a visual language of words and pictures and recording them in real-time. This can be a very effective way to summarize and communicate complex ideas and to allow participants to see and internalise the big picture of a discussion or presentation.

Graphic facilitation can help guide a meeting and record information brought up during a meeting. It is a way of brainstorming and generally involves a group leader mapping out key points of a discussion as they happen.

 Depending on the type of media used for graphic recording, the drawings made during these meetings may also serve as part of a permanent record of the meeting.

Here is example that helps to explain the graphic facilitation process and how it can help clarify and synthesize ideas.

And, you can learn how to do it yourself!