Problem Solving

Stock and Flow Diagramming

These diagrams are an important way to visualize and understand how a system of different elements is working together. As Donella Meadows wrote in Thinking in Systems,”If you understand the dynamics (behavior over time) of stocks and flows, you understand a good deal about the… Read More »Stock and Flow Diagramming

The Iceberg Model

The iceberg model is a valuable tool to encourage systemic thinking. It helps you contextualize an issue as part of a whole system. By asking you to connect an event–a single incident or occurrence–to patterns of behavior, systems structures, and mental models, the iceberg allows you to see the structures underlying the… Read More »The Iceberg Model

Archimedes Bath

We all know the story of Archimedes in his bath.  His theory helps us to understand cause and effect. The bathtub theory is a useful mental model when thinking about issues like economics and climate change.     For example, check out this simulation from Climate… Read More »Archimedes Bath