Have you heard of Biomimicry?

Biomimicry is the concept of using natural forms, materials, and processes as models to drive human innovation.

Biomimicry is a way of seeking sustainable solutions by borrowing life’s blueprints, chemical recipes, and ecosystem strategies. At its most transformative, it brings us into right relation with the rest of the natural world, as students, learning to be a welcome species on this planet. Because it has been evolving and perfecting its systems for millions of years, nature can provide powerful examples of sustainable solutions. For instance, an oyster’s mechanisms for filtering water might be used to inform man-made filtration systems, or a a forest ecosystem that breaks down and reuses its own detritus might inform the design of a waste-treatment facility. The Biomimicry Guild has a great introduction to this approach to problem solving and more helpful resources can be found at Biomimicry 3.8.