Resources for Systems Thinking

I’m often asked where people can find information about using systems thinking in schools.

You only need to put “Systems Thinking in Education “into your search engine to  find a multitude of articles, presentations and opinion pieces.

To find out how to use systems thinking in your school here are some practical sites to help :

1. The Waters Foundation

The Waters Foundation is dedicated to promoting the use of systems thinking concepts, habits, and tools in K-12 schools. They have developed a variety of resources for teachers, students, and individuals interested in increasing their systems literacy. These many resources include a detailed page explaining 13 habits of a systems thinker, as well as their free WebEd course with nine modules that help users develop the systems thinking skills. Teachers can find lesson ideas and even entire lesson plans in their resources section.

2. SEED – Schlumberger Excellence in Education Development

This Centre provides science, technology, engineering, and math resources for classrooms everywhere, many based on systems thinking. A great resource for contemporary interactive science and technology issues and a dynamic online teaching community that is continually updating lessons and ideas for teaching excellence.

3.Creative Learning Exchange is another organization that promotes systems dynamics and systems thinking education in schools. Led by a group of systems thinking leaders, including MIT Professor Emeritus Jay Forrester, the organization offers lessons for K-12 students as well as opportunities for educators to explore systems concepts on their own. In addition, the Creative Learning Exchange hosts a biennial conference on systems thinking in education.