World Cafe

World Café is a tool that facilitates dialogue amongst large groups. It’s simple, flexible approach is based on seven design principles:
  1. Set the Context
  2. Create Hospitable Space
  3. Explore Questions that Matter
  4. Encourage Everyone’s Contribution
  5. Connect Diverse Perspectives
  6. Listen Together for Patterns and Insights
  7. Share Collective Discoveries
Events hosted using the World Café process are broken into multiple short discussion sessions. During each session, participants meet around tables in small groups to discuss a question posed at the beginning of that round, and then move to a new table with different people before the next round of discussions. At the end of the meeting, insights from the many discussions are shared with the entire group. If you’d like to learn more, the World Café website is a great source of information about this dialogue process.  
World Cafe