systems thinking

World Cafe

World Café is a tool that facilitates dialogue amongst large groups. It’s simple, flexible approach is based on seven design principles: Set the Context Create Hospitable Space Explore Questions that Matter Encourage Everyone’s Contribution Connect Diverse Perspectives Listen Together for Patterns and Insights Share Collective… Read More »World Cafe

The Creative Learning Exchange

CREATIVE LEARNING EXCHANGE If you are interested in how schools can use systems thinking, check out Creative Learning Exchange. Creative Learning Exchange is an organization that promotes systems dynamics and systems thinking education in schools. Led by a group of systems thinking leaders, including MIT… Read More »The Creative Learning Exchange

The Iceberg Model

The iceberg model is a valuable tool to encourage systemic thinking. It helps you contextualize an issue as part of a whole system. By asking you to connect an event–a single incident or occurrence–to patterns of behavior, systems structures, and mental models, the iceberg allows you to see the structures underlying the… Read More »The Iceberg Model