The Creative Learning Exchange


If you are interested in how schools can use systems thinking, check out Creative Learning Exchange.

Creative Learning Exchange is an organization that promotes systems dynamics and systems thinking education in schools. Led by a group of systems thinking leaders, including MIT Professor Emeritus Jay Forrester, the organization offers lessons for K-12 students and opportunities for educators to explore systems concepts on their own. The  Creative Learning Exchange also hosts a biennial conference on systems thinking in education.

Check out this fantastic simulation!

Thinking about Infections

Infection Game

As we deal with a world-wide epidemic of a novel virus, there are many ways to help our students cope. One of them is just talking about what is going on, how they are feeling, the practicalities of their lives in a quarantine situation, and how to think about infections from a 10,000 foot perspective (meta-cognition.) Another is figuring out what useful enrichment activities would be helpful and fun.

This simulation, especially for younger students, is a start in meta-cognitive understanding of a large and scary topic. Sensitivity in introducing something like this is needed, but may actually give some students a way of handling their upside-down world. This short lesson is taken from the Shape of Change, (The Infection Game). This CLE simulation and others are available on the isee Exchange – a great resource for accessible simulations. A simulator for COVID-19 is currently available on isee.